Linda is a very gifted healer.

She gave me 3 sessions with the Merkaba Light Table.

The sessions where incredibly relaxing and restorative. I was in a deep relaxing state.

2 of the sessions, she did a Pranic healing session, along with the Merkaba Light Table session and the results were long lasting and helped a lot with the pain I was experiencing.

I would highly recommend a session from Linda.



Denver, Co

I had strained the muscles in my back while lifting my grand child. I was in terrible pain my personal physician gave me pain medication and muscle relaxers. This did not help, the pain just got worse. I was experiencing severe muscle spasms and intense shooting pains. I then tried a chiropractor no help, then an acupuncturist still no relief.

I was desperate to find help, then a good friend of mine told me about Linda. I hesitantly reached out to her as a last resort. To my delight she got me in immediately for a Pranic healing session. After my session I could not believe the relief I felt! I made an appointment to return in three days for a fallow up treatment.

As the days went on I just felt better and better. To my surprise I was healed. I ended up canceling my next appointment. I was truly blessed to find such a gifted healer! I would highly recommend Linda, she is amazing!



Centennial, CO

I have had the pleasure of having Linda Montano work on me and with me on various occasions.

For ear candling, readings, Reike massage, healings, holy oil adjustments and just recently the Merkaba chakra alignment, which I found to be one of the most rewarding and healing adjustment of body spirit and mind.

She is, in my opinion the best in enlightenment treatments of all of the above,

She is totally dedicated to making the world a better place. Her dedication is unwavering in her pursuit of creating a healthy Body and mind for all who are interested. She is definitely a focused and advanced individual ahead of her time in her field.

I would recommend her highly to anyone who has an interest in a better spiritual, mental, physical and happy life.

Most Sincerely,


Highlands Ranch, CO

These amazing healings really work, Linda has been working on me for about a year and has effectively been treating my weekly migraines and back problems. When I first arrived I had constant pain steaming from my top and lower back. I can truthfully say after only a few healing treatments my head and back pain has been completely eliminated. After my appointments I have suffered no pain at all! Thank you very much. I can hardly wait for my next appointment!

Austin B

Denver, Co